Ju lutemi prisni, kërkimi është në progres.
Kërkimi mund të zgjasë deri në 60 sekonda.
Ju lutem mos rifreskoni faqen ose klikoni butonin mbrapa

Ekipi and 
site is the property of LONDON TRAVEL AND TOURS 2006, IATA accredited agent with headquarters in Durresi st, nr 11, registered at the National Registration Center with number SN-036647-10-08 and NIPT nr K81910017A. London travel and tours 2006 owns license of tour operator and travel agency and has IATA accreditation nr 02210250LONDON TRAVEL AND TOURS 2006 is a company with 100% Albanian shareholders, founded in 1996.We have partners abroad that ensure our direct access to the world database for accommodation (250.000 hotels, 30.000 apartments villas), flights tickets (all the existing flights from Albania, Kosovo, Monte Negro, Croatia, Macedonia, Greece, as well as from any other location in the world), transfers, and sightseeing is a travel portal that allows customer to reserve flights, hotels, cars, a vacation (tourist package, circuit or charter) online, but also to be able to pay it directly on the internet. The payment system is completely secured, for the services being made to banks from Albania.